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Shortened online form of V. Talanov inventory for socionics type detection

The test is anonymous and does not require entering any of your personal data. The only neccessary data is your gender, age group, education and the socionics theory knowledge level. The results will be counted and shown to you automatically in the end, after you tap “submit” button. Please note that these results are prepared for you personally and presented to you in the PDF format. We encourage you to save this file. If you need assistance in evaluating your results, please contact us at In case you know your socionics type, please submit it also as it is helpful for our further work.
Gender:    Age:    Education: My socionics theory knowledge level: My own version of my socionics type: I estimate the level of confidence in my type I entered above as: Reference code of socionics school or socionic professional:


Please estimate the level of your agreement with all statements using 5 options scale on the right, where: — “YES”, this statement is exactly about me — rather YES, than NO — I don’t know, very hard to estimate whether I agree — rather NO, than YES — “NO”, this statement is exactly not about me All statements should be answered without exception. The more you agree with the statement and if the statement fits you perfectly, you should mark it higher. Try to reduce the number of uncertain answers (“3”) as much as you can, but rather try to evaluate all answers within the scale from 1 to 5. In order to have the accurate and reliable socionics profile in the end, do your best and answer honestly with respect and attention to all your psychological features.
Statement Your answer
1. I am always attentive to even the smallest logical details.
2. The atmosphere of fear and punishment strongly demotivates me towards learning something.
3. During the meal, I often concentrate on getting pleasant and tasty sensations.
4. I acknowledge and respect the self-worth of every human being.
5. I have a fun, easy and not intrusive nature, I know how to get a joy out of life and share it with others.
6. I often feel guilty.
7. Let the will to power grow and triumph! Let all the weak and ugly die!
8. I am gentle and peace-loving, but at the same time I could be capricious.
9. It often happens that I begin to imagine some scary events even during the sunny day.
10. Sometimes I’m haunted by the obsessive pictures of my imagination.
11. I like the atmosphere of struggle and fight.
12. I know how to patiently explain, justify and substantiate.
13. I often do experiments when it comes to coziness and comfort, aimed to eliminate annoying elements.
14. I know people very well, and sometimes it feels like I am reading their mind easily.
15. I often make compliments to people.
16. In relationships I lack some sensitivity and delicacy.
17. Perhaps, sometimes I could be as “sugary and luscious” when communicating with people.
18. Comparing to others, I have exceptional talent for patience, responsiveness, education and dedication.
19. Better than others, I can maximize results with minimal energy expenses.
20. I’m more often sad than happy and cheerful.
21. I always behave as a powerful and respectable one.
22. I have a poor appetite and eat more often because I have to.
23. It is hard for me to feel something about people, I’m rather indifferent about them.
24. The phrases “Time is money”, “Time does not wait” could be my motto and characterize me well.
25. Sometime my presence in the group of people could lead to mutual laziness, and I don’t know why.
26. I could be a good entrepreneur — I’m always on the move, can inspire people, make them move and work, interested in technical innovations, and better than others can see whether some beginnings are profitable or not, perspective or not.
27. I have a lot of different hobbies and interests often shifting from one to another.
28. My inherent nature is insurgent, rebellious and has a tendency to critical disagreement.
29. I like the meticulous research and analytical work related to the analysis of complex phenomena and objects.
30. I would like to work on unification and standardization — in engineering, electronics, software, document workflow, law — perhaps, in anything.
31. I often warn, scold and criticize others, lounging in a chair with a poker face.
32. When I finally get something out of another person by applying pressure, I usually get a pleasant feeling.
33. I would be a good journalist, matchmaker or a columnist in the breaking news department.
34. I really don’t like assumptions in the statements, I prefer unambiguous facts and arguments.
35. I’m more attentive to the tone and intonation of the speech than to its content.
36. I sincerely respect people without status, major achievements or glory, but who are kind, harmless and loving.
37. Quite often, people get offended by what I say, however my intent was not to hurt them.
38. I like surprises.
39. I am flexible in relationships with people by reducing or increasing the psychological distance according to a situation, especially if this person has some weight in the society or if I might benefit from this business affairs.
40. I often show indecisiveness and no immediate reaction to rapidly changing events around me.
41. I feel more comfortable than others in the changing environment, or even chaotic and confusing one. I have the ability to easily adjust myself to new reality.
42. My emotions are deep, dramatic and persistent.
43. My muscles are usually in tone even during vacation. I feel tensed and restrained, and even have light muscle twitches.
44. Others will say I’m a workaholic.
45. I could be a psychotherapist, an actor (actress) or a DJ at the radio station.
46. Sometimes I’m enjoying the fear of others.
47. I like quiet music and long detailed conversations — all these give me energy and inspire me.
48. It is true that I don’t bet on the future — this is my lifestyle.
49. I know how to flatter a person if I want to achieve the desired goals.
50. I get very annoyed because of the mess, or when something is done not the way I asked or wanted.
51. I have, or would like to have, three or more children.
52. The core of my nature is to achieve comfort and pleasant sensations, and avoid any unpleasant feelings.
53. I often don't feel empathetic towards movie heroes — none of that is real anyway.
54. These are very important words for me: worthy or not, profitable or not, effective or not.
55. I’m discouraged by anything that requires high psychological tension and strong emotions.
56. It takes lots of energy to think about the future and make any predictions.
57. When something unexpected or unpleasant happens, I react very emotionally and it takes a long time for me to calm down and begin acting normally and constructively.
58. I've always had troubles in understanding other people and their motives.
59. I often forget where I put things in my house.
60. I easily get a teary eye.
61. I tend to care for my loved ones, even in small things and affairs.
62. The ability to dive into some dreams and fantasies helps me to be patient, careful and not to hurry.
63. I can prepare food for myself and like doing it.
64. I easily spot and monitor any smallest changes in my physical sensations, my health and body image are very important to me.
65. Power to subordinate and order others around is enjoyable, regardless of any particular need for it.
66. In many cases my emotions get very strong in a blink of an eye so I can boil from them.
67. Sometimes my emotions go out of limits unsparingly.
68. I find it disgusting to do routine and everyday work.
69. Any idea quickly becomes an action, movement and work. I don’t need any time for emotional adjustment to it or waiting for the right mood to do it.
70. Almost all the time, when someone imposes their rueful feelings on me, I want to go away from this person as soon as possible.
71. I will achieve my goal even doing the elbow work.
72. Honesty, kindness and strong work ethics are my key features.
73. I have a flexible, frugal, soft movements.
74. I learn new dance movements easier than other people.
75. When I was a kid I loved to systematize collections.
76. I always had troubles to understand and feel the future.
77. I always spot something new or unusual in the familiar objects around me.
78. I’m a supporter for radical changes in the world order.
79. If I want, I can go against the public opinion easily.
80. All my desires are supported by strong and confident emotions.
81. I’m attentive to any changes in my body, and usually catch very first signals of disease in order to take preventive medication.
82. When I set my mind on some business idea, I will meticulously go toward it and can ignore meaningless issues or circumstances.
83. It is true, that I dislike to discuss serious topics in the not serious surrounding.
84. I have a talent to almost enchant people and inspire them because of my charm and people abilities.
85. I’m responsive to any request to do some work around the house.
86. The key words for me are: pleasure, satiety, enjoyment, satisfaction of hunger or thirst.
87. I’m good in forecasting events.
88. It is almost true that vacation for me is not something relaxed when I do nothing, but rather one useful activity switches to another.
89. I’m very attentive to moral side of human behavior and I always pay attention to obscene acts of my friends and acquaintances.
90. Sometimes it seems I’m melting in the universe, forgetting about my body, physical pain and pleasures.
91. My shortcomings are in that I’m taking on too many tasks and can’t see the perspective. I need people who are able to cool me down and assist me in organizing my time logically.
92. I like to play games with people as if they were chessmen.
93. I’m very economic at home, consistently energetic and dutiful in any work.
94. In my imagination I often see the same object in its different time stamps.
95. Very often my imagination flows into some global ideas and plans, even into the active transformation of the whole world.
96. Sometimes I feel sudden alienation, everything around me begins to look numb and deadly.
97. I can wait and choose the best moment to overthrow my competitor.
98. I am inclined to some conflicts and aggression, especially when I get bored.
99. I have a well-organized scientific mind.
100. The best way to stimulate people for high-quality work is to fine them and deduct from their wages.
101. I like to organize some unordered information into categories.
102. I would prefer trips in time machine vs. trips to other inhabited planets.
103. Sometimes usual domestic objects seem to me a bit strange and different.
104. I often think about my loved ones.
105. I’m very well aware of people's abilities and intentions.
106. The most important thing in raising children is to give them as much freedom as possible, and try not to forbid them a lot of things.
107. Almost always I pay attention to strangers' requests.
108. Typically, I do scrupulously adhere to the planned sequence of required actions.
109. I often think about the future.
110. I like to look at each phenomenon under various angles and come up with several different explanations for what is happening.
111. When I read books, I am more interested in the human interaction and relationships than in the actual plot.
112. My movements are a bit restricted and tensed.
113. Usually I’m not very well organized and could be seen as impractical.
114. I am objective and sharp in judgments and assessments. My style is structure, classifications and concepts.
115. I see plenty of positive opportunities around me all the time.
116. The work of commercial director suits me better than work of free artist.
117. I am reserved about my life, may not be always diplomatic and sometimes I can break out with anger or other negative emotions.
118. Quite often I behave without thinking about consequences.
119. My desires and wishes are usually not noticeable to me, it is difficult for me to get out of indifferent contemplation.
120. It is unpleasant when people feel that they depend on me.
121. Sometimes I look for suffering and self-sacrificing.
122. I have a “sixth sense” and sometimes know what's going to happen long before it actually does.
123. I like to tease my colleagues.
124. I willingly analyze and make order of everything I come into contact with.
125. It is better to accidentally kill some innovative idea than let confusion infect minds.
126. The pictures of catastrophes and injured people are awaking very strong emotions in me.
127. My mind is skeptical about many general or shocking ideas, which are in contrary to the common knowledge.
128. I can and like to speak about my feelings sublimely and passionately.
129. I would love to ride a bike or a car on a maximal possible speed.
130. I would never “hoard” money, they have to “work” all the time.
131. I like the breathtaking feeling of risk.
132. Perhaps, other people have a lot of doubts, but I seldom have doubts in anything.
133. Current moment is important for me when it is happy and pleasant here and now, and not in some indefinite day and place later.
134. I like to feel and experience the new dangers, as this requires full mobilization and pushes the boundaries of my skills.
135. I always have plenty of new original ideas.
136. I use a mirror often and can spend a lot of time in front of it.
137. My presence always has a positive impact on the team.
138. The HR manager work would fit me better than any work in engineering.
139. I can easily remember the colors of clothes my friends and family wore yesterday and today (try to remember the colors).
140. I often feel like a victim of the circumstances and helpless to change anything.
141. Sometimes in my mind one idea or innovation immediately disproves another one.
142. I often feel sick and complain about it.
143. I'd like to organize the document workflow into systems in large corporations.
144. The controversy for me is an interesting game. I typically get involved in these conversations and, with equal pleasure, can play “for the black” and “for the white”.
145. In the group of people I play the hidden but provoking role by unbalancing the situation and pushing others to work and move.
146. When I was a child, I didn't like to wait for holidays to receive a gift, I wanted to have it earlier therefore I nagged for it.
147. Any evidence of human inequality irritates me.
148. I have some masochistic side in me: sometimes I like to act in a way of self-abasement.
149. I'm lyricist and a romantic creature. I'm sentimental, sensitive and thin-skinned.
150. These words are important to me: spirituality, guilt, vulnerability, compassion, care, honesty, morality, reliability, modesty, responsibility, consistency.
151. I think I'd like the idea to be a massage therapist in the health facility.
152. I really worry if I quarreled with nearest and dearest people or if I feel their neglect and bad attitude to me.
153. Actually, I am a supporter of any radical and “global” organizational decisions. I would support them both at my job and in any industry or in the public life.
154. I am very specific and realistic kind of person, far from fantasy and imagination.
155. Usually I rely on the protection and status of my friends and acquaintances, and not on my own pushy qualities or abilities to use some official channels.
156. I demand from the people strict observance of an accepted social behavioral norms.
157. In general, I try to save the energy and only work on really necessary things.
158. In a short period, I tend to become a supporter of the new theories, offering a completely different structural description of the phenomena.
159. I like to complain to somebody about my failures and inadaptability.
160. Once a week or more often, I'm so angry that can kick someone or something.


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