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Applied Interpersonal Management (AIM) method was inspired by Karl Jung. The main difference of our approach is that we use a complex modeling and analysis when assessing a person’s psyche and how each person processes information he or she receives.

How are we different from MBTI?

AIM is not MBTI. AIM uses dimensional modeling of the personality assessment and not linear. Unfortunately, MBTI approach allows a lot of different interpretations. Our approach helps accurately identify a person’s type without any variations. AIM uses applied science, sociology, biology and psychology.

This approach was created by Augusta in 1970s. In 1984 Gregory Reinin was able to prove Jung’s speculations about further development of his discoveries through mathematical equations. AIM uses these additional 11 dichotomies including Jung’s original 4 for accurate assessment. We have developed new tests and methods as well as accurate descriptions of each type. Your type will never change.

Only AIM method will give you a full spectrum of relationships, which were scientifically proven. None of the existing typologies today will be able to scientifically explain your relationships with others. You will know about various relationships with other people and how best to interact with them as well as you will know what motivates these people. AIM optimizes interaction through science, analyzing the model of the person’s type and comparing this model with models of others around this individual.

How are we different from psychology?

We do not use situational elements a person is surrounded with, but we identify the core of the person and how this core relates to other cores. We use minimum of emotional and intuitive, but maximum of logical and factual. We use objective facts (accurate and concrete model) and not subjective elements (feeling/understanding of another) around the individual.

We agree that everybody is unique. But you will also agree that that there is something common among us. AIM will help you answering this question - “what?”

Discover AIM and use it to your own advantage. Are you AIM to know?


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