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Fire Motto: “Tolerate and Win”

Inspector (LSI) Mentor (EIE) Lyricist (IEI) Marshall (SLE)
People of this small group are characterized by the following qualities: active, passionate, goal oriented, and power driven. They are figuratively “boiling” with passionate, dramatic, and turbulent emotions. They are disciplined and organized with a developed sense of duty. They seek and find things to do, especially where they can implement their energy and where they can feel the spirit of competition. They avoid previously made mistakes. They are confident in extreme situations. They value experience, know-how, and sophistication. The element “Fire” has a social mission - the introduction of new orders and organizational structures especially in the resisting environment. Historically, members of this element would be creators of new governments, empires, political parties etc. Their mission is to overcome obstacles. If there is a choice, members of this element will prefer to attack vs. defend. They are enthusiastic about both victories and losses.

Mentor (Ethical Intuitive Extrovert)

One phrase: masters of persuasion
By Viktor Gulenko

1. This personality type has very deep emotions. It is easy for Mentor to feel and understand the moods of others. This type is a true romantic when it comes to feelings. Mentor is artistic and exalted. These types can easily manage their own expression of emotions towards other, moving them from drama to the affirmation of life. Mentor is focused solely on friendly communication without rudeness and prodding.

2. These personality types are good in forecasting events and they try to warn people of impending danger. They are also good at anticipating any alarming situation, can be prepared for it in advance, i.e. they have back-up plans. Mentors are interested in subjects related to the mysterious phenomena. They like to be alone and think about the meaning of life, its past and its future. They look at all problems from a global perspective of view.

3. If Mentors are involved in some interesting activity, they can easily forget to eat and rest. They can take a responsibility to solve some hard tasks. And if they fail at something they will be stressed out and will worry a lot. The goal of this personality type is to mobilize others for actions. How to act is the decision made by others. Mentors are inclined to accumulate and organize materials in a field of their interests. However, they tend not to come back to the solved problem.

4. Mentors tend to worry and be unsure about how to provide for basic needs. They are unsure about their own health. It is harder for them to get rid of bad habits. Mentors are mistrustful towards compliments. They can dress either provocative or very modest. They can combine foods with opposite tastes.

Mentor (EIE)
Sense for people’s feelings
Ability to inspire
In Need of Improvement
Excessive emotionality
Health matters
Uniqueness of the job
“Nobody else can”
What not to expect
Attention to details

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