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Air Motto: “Think, play and seek comfort”

Analyst (LII) Enthusiast (ESE) Seeker (ILE) Mediator (SEI)
People of this small group are very relaxed preferring a situation of informal communication. They are democratic by nature and not judging. The perception of the outside world is characterized by special ease, openness and mobility. Their curiosity is always extensive: they live with the expectation to always receive new interesting information. They will deny any rigidity, over-regulation, conflicts, emotional instability and life hardship that last for too long. Being in continuous search for anything new, they can become the center of an arising whirlwind - a source of the future tornado. But the tornado doesn't bear any threat; only enthusiastic ideas, positive emotions and comfortable atmosphere. The purpose of this group is the creation and dissemination of new concepts of social development - “enlightenment”. Members of this element create and spread new social, scientific and political currents, which can in the future reverse the historical process.

Enthusiast (ESE)

One phrase: Personalized responsibility
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Enthusiasts freely express their emotions. They are very sociable. These types know how to raise someone’s mood and how to cheer up. They talk about their friends and acquaintances and networking abilities with the pleasure. Their emotions can change pretty quickly too: one minute they are fun and friendly, the next minute they are tempered and angry. Enthusiasts make other have good manners and correct behavior.

2. Enthusiasts are caring and hospitable. These people can be make any place cozy and comfortable with whatever they have available to them. These people are tuned to their health and the health of their loved ones. They love to give presents to other, and like to make sure others have a great time. They are great organizers of leisure time or an important event.

3. It is hard for Enthusiasts to control their emotions. Enthusiasts pick on those who they don’t really like as much. These personality types get personal if their attempts are not valued by others. They are pretty scattered and fidgety. They are always busy with things they don’t have to do.

4. It is hard for Enthusiasts to forecast life events and dramatic shocks. They await only good results, therefore they often very stressed out from disappointed dreams. Enthusiasts prefer routine when it comes to their habits or methods of recreation. Overestimating their leeway they don’t have enough time to accomplish what was planned. It happens too often that Enthusiasts will start working on something important at the last minute. By doing this they destine themselves to destructive rush.

Enthusiast (ESE)
Attentiveness to details
Ability to charge other with the right attitude
In Need of Improvement
Systematic thinking
Time Management
Career development
What not to expect
Sense of time
Forecasting events in the future
Client Relations

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