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Water Motto: “Cooperation and Acquisition”

Critic (ILI) Politician (SEE) Entrepreneur (LIE) Guardian (ESI)
As water washes away all the dirt, softens up any strong foundations, spreads over the surface filling all the cavities and cracks, as people of this small group are also characterized as mobile with hidden reefs and inner wildness, with latent excitement and invisible currents. This group desires to move away from bad people and poor relationships. They will try to minimize any negative experiences. This group will reject the useless, insignificant or mundane. They have the ability to defend themselves and their interests against forces as well as to keep what was acquired. They gradually advance into the future without rejecting past mistakes. They will remove obstacles and believe that by doing that the bright future will open endless possibilities for growth. The mission of this group is to clean out what was accumulated before. This is a group of criticism and reforms. Members of this element will suppress any hot tempers. These people are not afraid of chaos and upheavals: they know how to conduct their work under conditions of change, risk and confusion. “The order was created from the chaos.”

Guardian (ESI)

One phrase: Exceptional Sense of Duty
By Viktor Gulenko

1. This is a person of principles. Guardians are sustained. They have a good sense of who is rival and who is not. They have a tendency to divide people into friends and foes. Guardians will give a moral evaluation to human actions when communicating in their own circle of friends and family. They maintain order and cleanliness on their territory. Guardians do not accept neither friendship nor affections without reciprocity.

2. When making a decision, Guardians tend to evaluate the responsibility of such decision or misconduct. They actively protect themselves and their loved ones from attacks. If they decided to take revenge, they are capable to find the weakest place in their opponent. They do not allow other to catch them off guard. Guardians are practical in everyday life – they will use anything they have on their own territory.

3. Externally Guardians try to look balanced and not emotional. They are sensitive when accused in bias or unfairness. Guardians need physical distance therefore they don’t like to be alone with one person for a long time. Strangers in their homes irritate them. It is hard for these types to change their habitual way of life.

4. Guardians do not like situations of uncertainty when it is not possible to say either “yes” or “no”. These types won’t tolerate if promises never became facts. The closer the expected event – the faster their anticipation and excitement grows. They prefer to live in reality, what’s happening today, never bet on the future. Guardians may be uncertain when dealing with something they’ve never had to before.

Guardian (ESI)
The feeling of beauty and style
In Need of Improvement
Finance management
Material welfare
What not to expect
Evaluation of others’ talents
Evaluation of the content
Fast adaptation
Client relationships

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