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Fire Motto: “Tolerate and Win”

Inspector (LSI) Mentor (EIE) Lyricist (IEI) Marshall (SLE)
People of this small group are characterized by the following qualities: active, passionate, goal oriented, and power driven. They are figuratively “boiling” with passionate, dramatic, and turbulent emotions. They are disciplined and organized with a developed sense of duty. They seek and find things to do, especially where they can implement their energy and where they can feel the spirit of competition. They avoid previously made mistakes. They are confident in extreme situations. They value experience, know-how, and sophistication. The element “Fire” has a social mission - the introduction of new orders and organizational structures especially in the resisting environment. Historically, members of this element would be creators of new governments, empires, political parties etc. Their mission is to overcome obstacles. If there is a choice, members of this element will prefer to attack vs. defend. They are enthusiastic about both victories and losses.

Lyricist (IEI)

One phrase: Noble services to the society
By Viktor Gulenko

1. These types are dreamy and romantic. Lyricists are curious: they are not indifferent to anything new, unusual and beautiful. These types are persistent in requests if they are motivated by strong desire. They know when it is the right moment to approach someone. They can manage their time and time of others freely.

2. Lyricists are emotionally glamorous. They smile all the time, even when they need to say something unpleasant to others. They make impression on others with sometimes unexpected and even extravagant behavior and statements. They have a very good sense of humor. Lyricists know when or how to comfort or cheer up someone.

3. Appearance is their source of influence on people. If needed – they will dress up elegantly, even exquisitely. When they are relaxed they complain about poor life conditions. They appreciate others taking care of them, who’d listen to their stories about possible health issues and life conditions. It is difficult for Lyricist to refuse the habit of being comfortable.

4. Lyricists can be disorganized without strong leadership and guidance. It is hard for them to concentrate on one thing they have to do. They can be quite uneconomical and capricious: they are ready to spend their last money on something for their happiness. These types may be inclined to give promises which were not through fully. They force themselves to be happy to drawn out the disturbing premonitions.

Lyricist (IEI)
Forecasting events
Forecasting perspectives
Feeling for people
In Need of Improvement
Understanding of profits
Career development
What not to expect
Behavior against their interest

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