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Air Motto: “Think, play and seek comfort”

Analyst (LII) Enthusiast (ESE) Seeker (ILE) Mediator (SEI)
People of this small group are very relaxed preferring a situation of informal communication. They are democratic by nature and not judging. The perception of the outside world is characterized by special ease, openness and mobility. Their curiosity is always extensive: they live with the expectation to always receive new interesting information. They will deny any rigidity, over-regulation, conflicts, emotional instability and life hardship that last for too long. Being in continuous search for anything new, they can become the center of an arising whirlwind - a source of the future tornado. But the tornado doesn't bear any threat; only enthusiastic ideas, positive emotions and comfortable atmosphere. The purpose of this group is the creation and dissemination of new concepts of social development - “enlightenment”. Members of this element create and spread new social, scientific and political currents, which can in the future reverse the historical process.

Seeker (ILE)

One phrase: Life is full of exciting moments
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Seekers see all the future perspectives. Seeker is that mad inventor: these types will also find a lot of new ideas and projects. They are interested in everything in hopes to find something unique. They don’t treat past achievements with respect. They prefer to work on something interesting, and not necessarily on something that guarantees real benefits.

2. Seekers are internal thinkers, looking for some regularity in processes and phenomena. These people can be pretty scatted – very often they lose small objects. Seekers logic could see like a paradox to others, but Seekers are not afraid to go against the stable assumptions of the society, especially if Seeker believes that it became obsolete. These types try to make a major invention or discovery.

3. Seekers are not picky when it comes to daily life needs. Any attempts to subordinate these types will meet an active resistance. Despite the fact that these types are always on the lookout for better alternatives of this life, they show ingenuity and quickness in everyday difficult situations. Nobody should talk to Seekers using any language of threat or force.

4. These types never know how close the psychological distance should be with any particular person. Seekers try to be friendly with everybody. They make sure that their companion expresses an interest in the information. In communications, Seekers are approachable and democratic. Sometimes they need some emotional drama, because his mood drops in any routine activity.

Seeker (ILE)
Systematic Thinking
In Need of Improvement
People skills
Economic activity
“No one else can do it”
What not to expect
Building relationships
Feelings of love/hate, sympathy/antipathy

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