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Water Motto: “Cooperation and Acquisition”

Critic (ILI) Politician (SEE) Entrepreneur (LIE) Guardian (ESI)
As water washes away all the dirt, softens up any strong foundations, spreads over the surface filling all the cavities and cracks, as people of this small group are also characterized as mobile with hidden reefs and inner wildness, with latent excitement and invisible currents. This group desires to move away from bad people and poor relationships. They will try to minimize any negative experiences. This group will reject the useless, insignificant or mundane. They have the ability to defend themselves and their interests against forces as well as to keep what was acquired. They gradually advance into the future without rejecting past mistakes. They will remove obstacles and believe that by doing that the bright future will open endless possibilities for growth. The mission of this group is to clean out what was accumulated before. This is a group of criticism and reforms. Members of this element will suppress any hot tempers. These people are not afraid of chaos and upheavals: they know how to conduct their work under conditions of change, risk and confusion. “The order was created from the chaos.”

Critic (ILI)

One phrase: Love to solve problems
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Critics have a very good eye for any contradictions and omissions in actions and words. These types are skeptical about any new fast moving forward implementation of new ideas. They can give very accurate characteristics to a person and forecast the basic reactions. Critic is ironic. They patiently lead others to the necessary decision, preparing them in advance for it.

2. They only work on those tasks which guarantee stable profits. Critics are economical. They prefer to work slowly, getting into details, but their work result is clear. These types calculate everything in their head, trying to control the process. They are able to capitalize on the information acquired before.

3. Critics are prudent in matters of comfort and health. These types will reject any emergency situations and pure enthusiasm without any factual accuracy. In everyday life Critics surround themselves with plenty of familiar things. Often these types are gourmet. Critics follow the rules of occupational health and try to keep everything clean.

4. They like to argue on different topics. When these types get frustrated they can spoil their mood and mood of others. They poorly control their own emotions: this condition varies from melancholic depression to outbreaks of discontent. Critics always look for the establishment of the internal emotional balance. They don’t like when others try to shake up their state of being calm and relaxed.

Critic (ILI)
Money management
In Need of Improvement
Ability to sustain emotional pressure
Career growth
What not to expect
Radical decisions and changes

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