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Water Motto: “Cooperation and Acquisition”

Critic (ILI) Politician (SEE) Entrepreneur (LIE) Guardian (ESI)
As water washes away all the dirt, softens up any strong foundations, spreads over the surface filling all the cavities and cracks, as people of this small group are also characterized as mobile with hidden reefs and inner wildness, with latent excitement and invisible currents. This group desires to move away from bad people and poor relationships. They will try to minimize any negative experiences. This group will reject the useless, insignificant or mundane. They have the ability to defend themselves and their interests against forces as well as to keep what was acquired. They gradually advance into the future without rejecting past mistakes. They will remove obstacles and believe that by doing that the bright future will open endless possibilities for growth. The mission of this group is to clean out what was accumulated before. This is a group of criticism and reforms. Members of this element will suppress any hot tempers. These people are not afraid of chaos and upheavals: they know how to conduct their work under conditions of change, risk and confusion. “The order was created from the chaos.”

Entrepreneur (LIE)

One phrase: Born Leader
By Viktor Gulenko

1. These are business oriented people, they can light up on the stop from any business opportunity. Entrepreneurs are inclined to innovations, they notice any new theories and developments, but try to find any practical applications to them. They are restless, they often enjoy camping, tourism, hiking, backpacking, running etc. These types are brave to experiment to deny and prove some ordinary notions. These types always know where everything is leading to and describe the end-goal to others.

2. They are not afraid to take some risk, based on their intuition. Sometimes Entrepreneurs have some extra ordinary ideas, because they are born with the high imagination, but those ideas will always have practical aspect in them. This is an inventor who plays a leading role in implementation phase. They always try to run ahead of the curve, because they know that tomorrow will be late. These people like nature, but they give it a special meaning. They acquire different interests in various fields of science or aspects of life.

3. Optimist and has a great sense of humor. However, their jokes are not always appropriate. Entrepreneurs have problems in the reliability of relationships between people. Because of that and promiscuity in their contacts, these types can be easily drawn into some adventure. They are restless and worry a lot: these people will talk a lot, often not paying attention to the deficit of time.

4. If there is a choice between paying too much attention to their own appearance and failing the business deal – they will prefer to focus on business deal and make it successful. Entrepreneurs don’t like to focus on daily life needs like order and comfort around them. They are gifted by nature to have the stamina and health, and they seek to maintain it even if they decide to experience with some non-traditional medical approaches. Entrepreneurs don’t tolerate happy and relaxed life style with a lot of celebration thinking they are wasting time, therefore they can’t even fully relax while vacationing.

Entrepreneur (LIE)
Business profit
In Need of Improvement
Health matters
Uniqueness of the opportunity
“Nobody else can do it”
What not to expect
Establishing relationships

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