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Air Motto: “Think, play and seek comfort”

Analyst (LII) Enthusiast (ESE) Seeker (ILE) Mediator (SEI)
People of this small group are very relaxed preferring a situation of informal communication. They are democratic by nature and not judging. The perception of the outside world is characterized by special ease, openness and mobility. Their curiosity is always extensive: they live with the expectation to always receive new interesting information. They will deny any rigidity, over-regulation, conflicts, emotional instability and life hardship that last for too long. Being in continuous search for anything new, they can become the center of an arising whirlwind - a source of the future tornado. But the tornado doesn't bear any threat; only enthusiastic ideas, positive emotions and comfortable atmosphere. The purpose of this group is the creation and dissemination of new concepts of social development - “enlightenment”. Members of this element create and spread new social, scientific and political currents, which can in the future reverse the historical process.

Analyst (LII)

One phrase: Everything can be improved
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Analysts have a very developed logic and ability to analyze anything. Analysts can clearly identify what is main and what is secondary. Any structure, classification, concept is their style. They are always objective in their reasons and principal evaluations. These types will ignore any unnecessary and mundane rules or instructions.

2. After Analysts understand the issue, they propose completely novel decisions to it. These types are very tolerant to others’ point of views or life styles. Quiet often others don’t really understand the behavior of Analysts, because Analysts make decisions very intuitively, by guessing. Very often Analysts have hobby where they try to improve their own skills. They will participate in the communication only if it’s important or interesting to them.

3. Analysts don’t read people very well, their emotions and attitudes. They are stubborn and not flexible in relationships. These types are very secretive. They don’t like uninvited guests. They don’t know how to entertain others. They are very careful in communications, prefer to be distant. The more sympathetic they are to someone, the less demonstrative they are in their behavior to this person. Insistently they preserve the system of relationships they are used to.

4. Analysts are modest and don’t need a lot of comfort for their lives. Daily house tasks and chores oppress them. Despite their stubbornness they are not capable to promote themselves. Analysts can’t subordinate others either. In critical situations they are indecisive. Nobody can ever get anything out of Analyst by applying any kind of pressure.

Analyst (LII)
Logical Analysis
Creative thinking
In Need of Improvement
Communication with people
Resistance to pressure
Career development
What not to expect
Volitional power
Acquiring new territories

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