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Fire Motto: “Tolerate and Win”

Inspector (LSI) Mentor (EIE) Lyricist (IEI) Marshall (SLE)
People of this small group are characterized by the following qualities: active, passionate, goal oriented, and power driven. They are figuratively “boiling” with passionate, dramatic, and turbulent emotions. They are disciplined and organized with a developed sense of duty. They seek and find things to do, especially where they can implement their energy and where they can feel the spirit of competition. They avoid previously made mistakes. They are confident in extreme situations. They value experience, know-how, and sophistication. The element “Fire” has a social mission - the introduction of new orders and organizational structures especially in the resisting environment. Historically, members of this element would be creators of new governments, empires, political parties etc. Their mission is to overcome obstacles. If there is a choice, members of this element will prefer to attack vs. defend. They are enthusiastic about both victories and losses.

Inspector (LSI)

One phrase: Do what is needed
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Inspectors are distinguished by preciseness and clarity in business situations. Inspectors are meticulous in working on details. These types are very careful when organizing something. Any business affair is a lot more important than any mood or sentiment. Inspectors take any law or instruction into the account. All their personal belongings are in order. You can always rely on them. They can endure any life hardships.

2. These are people of strong will – assiduous and hardy. These people are insistent and demanding in fulfillment of orders as well as implementation verification. Inspectors will try to protect any confused people, trying to explain to them how to do the job. In their evaluations they are sober realists, i.e. they dislike fruitless fantasies. Inspectors will prove their right, arguing with all possible facts in their possession.

3. In communication with friends and colleagues, they are very polite and courteous. Inspectors know how to impress other being intelligent and educated. However, in the intimate relationships they become more demanding and controlling. They have a tendency to teaching and preaching ethical norms.

4. They expect others to have the same abilities as themselves. Inspectors can sacrifice the breadth of their vision for increased depth and can get lost in details. Inspectors are uncompromising in their beliefs. Any collapse of their long followed ideas becomes their personal tragedy. They are distrustful to strangers, especially if there is not a lot of information about them. If they notice anything negative about the person, they lose any trust in them for a long time.

Inspector (LSI)
Logical thinking
Details study
In Need of Improvement
Communication with people
Material rewards
What not to expect
Evaluation of someone’s talents
Evaluation of the quality of information
Understanding of opportunities

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