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Water Motto: “Cooperation and Acquisition”

Critic (ILI) Politician (SEE) Entrepreneur (LIE) Guardian (ESI)
As water washes away all the dirt, softens up any strong foundations, spreads over the surface filling all the cavities and cracks, as people of this small group are also characterized as mobile with hidden reefs and inner wildness, with latent excitement and invisible currents. This group desires to move away from bad people and poor relationships. They will try to minimize any negative experiences. This group will reject the useless, insignificant or mundane. They have the ability to defend themselves and their interests against forces as well as to keep what was acquired. They gradually advance into the future without rejecting past mistakes. They will remove obstacles and believe that by doing that the bright future will open endless possibilities for growth. The mission of this group is to clean out what was accumulated before. This is a group of criticism and reforms. Members of this element will suppress any hot tempers. These people are not afraid of chaos and upheavals: they know how to conduct their work under conditions of change, risk and confusion. “The order was created from the chaos.”

Politician (SEE)

One phrase: We live just once
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Politicians are very sure in themselves and are natural leaders. They are adventurous and active. Politicians are trying to be practical when communicating to others. These types prefer to solve any issue or a problem right away. Politicians’ moods can be very fickle. They pay a lot of attention to prestige and their looks. They like to talk about politics and management roles.

2. Politicians try to have new experiences all the time. They love to be in the center of attention, be admired. They know how to make useful connections and use them. They are masters of political maneuvering of contacts between two opposing sides. They can reconcile with people as ease as they quarrel with them.

3. Politicians present themselves as promising people with great potential. They easily make compliments. They say what others want to hear. They stress their originality and exclusiveness. During relaxed moments, they can be sad or whine about the fact that others don’t understand them. Politicians like to quote something from books they read or some factual data, trying to impress with erudition.

4. They are not very good at identifying what is the priority. Politicians will try to ignore any explanation of their behavior. Very often they may start talking off topic. These types do not support any strict order. These types will protest if someone is trying to impose any firm rules. They prefer to negotiate with people instead of reading instructions.

Politician (SEE)
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