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Air Motto: “Think, play and seek comfort”

Analyst (LII) Enthusiast (ESE) Seeker (ILE) Mediator (SEI)
People of this small group are very relaxed preferring a situation of informal communication. They are democratic by nature and not judging. The perception of the outside world is characterized by special ease, openness and mobility. Their curiosity is always extensive: they live with the expectation to always receive new interesting information. They will deny any rigidity, over-regulation, conflicts, emotional instability and life hardship that last for too long. Being in continuous search for anything new, they can become the center of an arising whirlwind - a source of the future tornado. But the tornado doesn't bear any threat; only enthusiastic ideas, positive emotions and comfortable atmosphere. The purpose of this group is the creation and dissemination of new concepts of social development - “enlightenment”. Members of this element create and spread new social, scientific and political currents, which can in the future reverse the historical process.

Mediator (SEI)

One phrase: I see everything, but don’t interfere
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Mediators are always friendly and amiable in communication with others. These types value their own comfort and convenience as well as others’. They are attentive and take care of their loved ones. In any group of people they prefer to take position of “golden middle”. Mediators love beautiful cloth, furniture and ambiance.

2. Mediators are emotional and internally sensitive. They will try to make others merry by jokes, hints or even practical jokes. They know how to negotiate something with people in the non-formal set-up. Mediators don’t like to be drawn into arguments or reviewing relationships, because they try to be in peace with everyone.

3. They try to hide their problems from others. Mediators demonstrate cheerfulness and optimism. They work in their own rhythm. Mediators won’t promise anything if they are not sure about the implementation of such act. They fear obsessive people who waste their time.

4. Mediators are productive when they work for themselves or for those people they are personally interested in. In other instances, they don’t overreach. They avoid any hard physical labor. Their work efforts are dependent on their mood. Mediators will try to evade necessary, but boring work.

Mediator (SEI)
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