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Fire Motto: “Tolerate and Win”

Inspector (LSI) Mentor (EIE) Lyricist (IEI) Marshall (SLE)
People of this small group are characterized by the following qualities: active, passionate, goal oriented, and power driven. They are figuratively “boiling” with passionate, dramatic, and turbulent emotions. They are disciplined and organized with a developed sense of duty. They seek and find things to do, especially where they can implement their energy and where they can feel the spirit of competition. They avoid previously made mistakes. They are confident in extreme situations. They value experience, know-how, and sophistication. The element “Fire” has a social mission - the introduction of new orders and organizational structures especially in the resisting environment. Historically, members of this element would be creators of new governments, empires, political parties etc. Their mission is to overcome obstacles. If there is a choice, members of this element will prefer to attack vs. defend. They are enthusiastic about both victories and losses.

Marshal (SLE)

One phrase: Realist to the bones
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Marshals are decisive and purposeful. They subjugate people to their influence. They prefer to have only major goals – and they do whatever it takes to achieve them. Marshals are flexible tactics - they don’t mind temporary compromise. Their persistence increase in proportion to the number of obstacles they must overcome.

2. Marshals can concentrate all their willpower and forces to decide at the perfect moment. Logically they calculate their plan of actions, as if playing chess game. They try to give others instructions, but will not tolerate any orders imposed on them. Marshals control the job by the final result. Typically Marshals will attempt to be in the leader role.

3. Marshals are mistrust, they judge people by their actions. These types will try to concentrate their attention to people’s weak areas and flaws. They badly forecast any future: Marshals stop hesitating if events go out of control or take an unexpected turn. If there is no struggle of excitement, they are immersed in bad mood.

4. It is difficult for them to restrain their negative emotions in relationships with people. Their preferred attitude is to physically possess somebody. Marshals are not sure how others treat them. They may be intolerant with the loved ones. In the extreme situations they have no place for pity and sympathy.

Marshal (SLE)
Strategic thinking
Control of the territory/information
In Need of Improvement
What not to expect
High volume sales
Crisis Management
Organization of events

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