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Earth Motto: “Protect and Help”

Humanist (EII) Administrator (LSE) Master (SLI) Advisor (IEE)
Members of this small group are the most conservative people, but at the same time the most productive ones. The perception of the world is firm and realistic. They prefer stability of the existence and immutability of proven traditions. This group values positive and warm relationships. They will recognize positive ethical values, such as uniqueness of others, religion and spirituality, non-interference in others’ lives, humanism, unusual talents etc. They prefer to use resources rationally, prefer high-quality and long-lasting products. They will avoid risk and chaos. This group values comfort and will not change their routines. The mission of this element is to ensure the sustainable development and reasonable usage of accumulated resources, slowly preparing ways for some new development. This element values a stable consumption of material and spiritual products. Only in conditions of stability, it is possible to develop and disseminate some new initiatives, which are very fragile and vulnerable and need to be cherished. Wisdom and experience lie in the basis of respect for tradition and a significant proportion of conservatism of these people.

Master (SLI)

One phrase: Ready to try everything once
By Viktor Gulenko

1. Masters velue comfort and good quality. They prefer comfort of clothes to demonstration of beauty. They are handy. They are very sensitive to unpleasant touches and smells. Masters like calm life where they can enjoy outdoors. They are caring of their loved ones.

2. Masters are prudent and economical. They get creative at work and at home, if they like what they do. Skeptical to any slogans and appeals – they prefer to rely on common sense. If Masters believe in something right, they get stubborn and not compromising. Although they are skeptical about new ideas at first, they might want to try some and if they happen to be practical, will get the maximum of benefit and usage.

3. They are independent people. Masters require careful communication - they need careful attention and praise. Masters can’t see prospects of something in the future due to the tendency to skepticism. They may be occupied with questions of timely choices in this life. They may even feel dependent on the vagaries of fate.

4. Impressionable, poorly controls their emotions during arguments. Masters prefer not to express their emotions publicly. Life’s hardship could make them prone to “black” humor. Sometimes they get pessimistic and apathetic. Instead of encouraging someone else, Masters fall into the same negative emotional condition.

Master (SLI)
Understanding of benefits
Logical thinking
Understanding of comfort
In Need of Improvement
Emotional stability and control
Financial benefits
What not to expect
Emotional expression
Optimistic view on future

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